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  • The Ultimate Gift Guide to Celebrate Mother’s Day

    The Tradition of Mother’s Day In 1905 Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother and pay tribute and appreciation to all mothers that made sacrifices...

    Our Cover-ups a cool and comfortable, classy and casual, an essential addition to every woman’s wardrobe. 

  • Bunnies!!! And Easter?

    So what’s the deal with bunnies and Easter? So I’ve been wondering myself what bunnies have to do with Easter, after all, bunnies laying eggs!  I m...
  • Change Isn’t So Bad After All So Don’t Be Afraid Of It

    Change can be scary, exciting, sad or fun but it isn’t always something to be afraid of.  Sometimes change can be a good thing and alter the direction of your life without you even knowing it at the time.  This is my story about how things have changed in steps over the last 20 something years.  This isn’t going to be the last change in my life but now I’m happier, more relaxed and still kinda sorta in business with my wonderful home decor & gift store, Sherry’s on Main.  So, don’t be afraid of change, it’s not so bad after all.
  • Ya know when they say “When one door closes…

    I did a lot of hard thinking this past year, I himed and hawed, flipped and flopped about the future of my store.  Some things that were out of my hands have made me come to realize that after 18 years I’m tired of owning a physical storefront.  I’ve decided to close my physical store for good.  I’ve decided to become semi-retired.  I’m going to be concentrating on my website.  There’s some plans I have for my online store such as making a showroom and photo area in one of the bedrooms in my house.  I’ll bring you along for the ride as my showroom comes together and I make my site better and for you.  

    BTW my cat Wednesday is helping me write this… well she says she’s helping :D


  • Mother’s Day During Lockdown

    We are in Lockdown in Ontario or as they call it a Stay at Home Order but let’s face it it’s a lockdown and all non-essential items are off the ta...
  • Christmas 2020

    This year is going to be a strange one and all small businesses are struggling. I’d like you to stop and think about it. I personally know of some that have...
  • Still doing some blog clean up

    Really, you can ignore this I just gotta see where it goes!
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    Aaaah, I keep trying to make it better but I keep screwing it up instead! LOL
  • By George I Think I’ve Got It

    At least I hope I do. It has taken ages to figure this out, I mean, it was supposed to been kinda easy, right? Woh there, no so fast. I thought I w...
  • I’m doing a bit of house cleaning

    Please excuse the way the blog is going to look for the next while, probably a long while. WordPress has made some changes to the way things are be...
  • I’m doing a bit of house cleaning

    This is going to be one of my backyard musings, come along for the ride. Each spring I look forward to the new life that shows up in our backyard. ...