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Bunnies!!! And Easter?

So what’s the deal with bunnies and Easter?

So I’ve been wondering myself what bunnies have to do with Easter, after all, bunnies laying eggs!  I mean, common, ridiculous right?  So I decided I’d search the internet and find out.  Here’s my condensed version of what I read which seems to be the consensus. 

Spring is season for new life.  Think about it.  We all look forward, at least I do, to spring, to watch flowers start to poke their little heads out of the ground, watching the trees start break bud, to hear the birds singing in the morning and starting to build their nests and so many more wonderful things when you get to breath in that beautiful fresh air.

All of these things are signs of fertility and rebirth.  Well we all know how fertile rabbits are!  I have a Holland Lop bunny, his name is Asta, and boy am I sure glad I don’t have a doe!  His hair goes EVERYWHERE and poor hubby seems to be allergic to it.  Can you just imagine if we had a whole fluffle (yep, that’s what a group of bunnies are called) in the house!  Hubs has about 15 years of sneezing ahead of him. But I digress, back to bunnies and Easter.

There was a goddess of spring calle Eostre in the Anglo-Saxon pagan tradition who was the goddess of spring, her main symbols were the rabbit and the egg.  There was a legend that Eostre found an injured bird in the winter and to save its life she turned it into a hare.  Even though it wasn’t a bird the rabbit could lay eggs.  So since Eostre was important there was a festival dedicated to her that started in March and went into April.  When it spread the Anglo-Saxons pagans converted to Christianity and a lot of the festival traditions were adapted to honour the Resurrection of Christ because the both occurred in the same month.  So Easter in English is derived from Eostre and therefore that’s why Easter is associated with a bunny and why bunnies lay eggs!

In the 1500s, in Germany it was a white hare.  If a child was good, the Easter Bunny would bring them coloured eggs.  In the 1800s German immigrants brought the tradition to the United States.  The first Easter Bunnies were made of pastry and sugar.  I think I’d prefer the chocolate.


So I guess that’s my not so condensed of why the Bunny is associated with Easter.  Who knew! 


Like I said earlier, Asta’s hair flies everywhere and he has quite the attitude.  With these bunnies you won’t have to worry about hair all over the place an the only attitude you’ll get is sweetness.

2 light brown bunnies, one laying down with his head in his hands the other sitting up with his ears flopped down on either side.  Each is wearing a black plaid bow.

Cuteness overload!!!  Just look at those sassy faces.  Fun for Easter but cute all the time.


Size: 12 x 10 x 22 cm    4.75 x 4 x 8.75”

$19.99 ea   Buy Now


Two Bunnies standing one is looking forward over his shoulder and has his ears up the other is looking up with his ears laying down over his back.  Each is wearing a black plaid bow

These cute bunnies must be up to something with those sweet little innocent faces.  Fun display piece for any day not just Easter.  Sold separately.

Size: 12 x 29.5 x 14/12.  5 x 25 x 14 CM

Size:  4.75 x 11.75 x 5.75.  4.75 x 9.75 x 5.5”
Material: RESIN

 $29.99 Each   Buy Now


A collection of 4 different baby bunnies each in a different pose

Baby Bunnies are so sweet!

These baby bunnies will hop right into your heart.  Display them as a grouping or just tuck them here or there around the house.  Have the little ones do a bunny hunt, or sneak one or two into an Easter basket, the kids will love them.  Just big enough to fit into a little ones hand.  4 assorted sold individually.

Size: 9 x 14 x 10 CM   3.5 x 5.5 x 4”

Material: RESIN

$10.99 each   Buy Now


Maybe you are a bit of a DIYer.  Check out these sites they have some great ideas to decorate your home or to keep the little ones busy.  


Yummy Bunny Treats from The Idea Room 

White chocolate covered strawberry in the shape of a bunny sitting in a nest of green in a small cup




Crafts to keep little ones busy Happiness is Homemade.


 A white basket full of brightly coloured eggs


 Well we’d found out why Bunnies and Easter go together and why we get Easter eggs.  Leave me a comment I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Happy Easter Everyone 



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