By George I Think I’ve Got It

At least I hope I do. It has taken ages to figure this out, I mean, it was supposed to been kinda easy, right? Woh there, no so fast. I thought I was gonna figure out the new block editor that WordPress rolled out, turns out it’s not real intuitive. Ok, let’s back up a little and start from the beginning starting with Facebook.

So it all started with Facebook changing to the new “improved” format. I hate the new format as I’m sure others are. If you think it’s crappy on your personal page, you should see what they’ve done to the business pages. Why do they always change things that don’t need to be changed? *sigh*. Facebook keeps messing with business pages, yes, there are algorithms, to make it harder to be seen so in turn, you have to pay to advertise or boost a post! It’s not inexpensive either! They changed my Shop page to a Commerce page. Why, well they are trying to make money from that too. So the products in my Shop page were linked to my blog here. Well, now my Commerce page doesn’t work. I can’t do anything with it, I can’t add or remove anything to it which in turn breaks all my links from here to there.

So now we come to WordPress. I’ll admit some, well maybe most, of it was my fault. I can’t remember why now but I wanted to clear the cookies or cache or something. I couldn’t figure out how to do it here so I cleared the cache on my tablet. Whatever it was supposed to do, it didn’t. So what happens, I have to log back into my WordPress site… I can’t remember the password. I’ve been messing around with it all morning and now that I’ve gotten in I can’t remember what password I used to get here. I hope I didn’t screw it up on my Mac too. *face palm*. So now I’m in. I just wrote and deleted a whole lot of other stuff that would be really boring to you, as probably this is anyway.

So if you’ve followed me this far then I suppose I’ll continue on. I own my own web domain name but haven’t gotten much use out of it because, well, just because. I’ve been working on one in my Mac but since it is built within my Mac and can’t work on it online. I’ve been thinking about building a self hosted WordPress site to be able to add content on my tablet wherever I happen to be. Now you remember earlier about me trying to figure out my password and stuff. Well, wherever I managed to find this I also discovered that I already have a self hosted site here! I had completely forgotten about it. So I guess my next quest is to figure out how I found it and get in and edit it. Wish me luck. 😀



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