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  • Bunnies!!! And Easter?

    So what’s the deal with bunnies and Easter? So I’ve been wondering myself what bunnies have to do with Easter, after all, bunnies laying eggs!  I m...
  • Change Isn’t So Bad After All So Don’t Be Afraid Of It

    Change can be scary, exciting, sad or fun but it isn’t always something to be afraid of.  Sometimes change can be a good thing and alter the direction of your life without you even knowing it at the time.  This is my story about how things have changed in steps over the last 20 something years.  This isn’t going to be the last change in my life but now I’m happier, more relaxed and still kinda sorta in business with my wonderful home decor & gift store, Sherry’s on Main.  So, don’t be afraid of change, it’s not so bad after all.